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Quote of the week: "Had a great time at the clinic! You really helped connect the dots on several things that I’ve always heard to do, but wasn’t quite seeing the connections to the actions. You helped clear those up. Like, staying centred with the horses core and release under pressure was a big one for me"
- Denise - Trail 1 Clinic

Host a Clinic this Fall, Winter or Spring!

We are currently taking bookings from November 2018 through April 2019. Clinic options include:

Obstacle Course

Progressive Horsemanship

Liberty to Riding

​Hosting a clinic can be very rewarding. As the organizer, you are in charge of organizing a clinic from start to finish - with our help, of course!.

You'll be bringing like minded people together to learn, have fun and engage with their horses in a positive, progressive atmosphere.

Depending on the clinic you choose to host, we have between 5 and 10 people allowing for a great deal of individual attention.

In fact, our Progressive Horsemanship clinics are 100% 1 on 1.

Lets have some fun this fall and winter!

You can host one of our Amazing Clinics!

learn more about hosting a clinic

Horse and People Training - Individual or Group Lessons

We conduct clinics, training and lessons at our home ranch and on road. If you'd like us to come to you - we will!

Our extensive obstacle and trail courses are the perfect training ground to develop your leadership, communication and produce an athletic, confident horse.

From time to time we partner up with leading industry professionals to offer added clinic components including equine biomechanics, anatomy, hoof and health care.

Scott teaches over 44 Amazing Clinics each year. Find Yours

Our Next 3 Clinics:

October 26-28, 2018 Liberty to Riding Hidden Meadows Ranch - North Battleford, Saskatchewan more info
November 3-4, 2018 4H Horsemanship Obstacle Course Calnash Ag Center (4H) - Ponoka, Alberta more info
November 9-11, 2018 Progressive Horsemanship Englewest Stables - Leduc, Alberta more info

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More about our Clinics

We offer a variety of clinics all year round, on and off the ranch.

Trail Riding

Get your horse ready for the trail, learn new skills or just brush up.

Obstacle Course

Take your horsemanship to the next level, get ready to compete or just have fun!

Progressive Horsemanship

A 100% one-on-one clinic format. We work on what you want to work on.

Liberty Horsemanship

Dig deep into the art of horsemanship through the beauty of liberty exercises. Then, ride it!

All Horses and All Riders

We have no prerequisites and no restrictions. Our clients range from those new with horses to competitive riders in disciplines from reining to dressage.

Every horse and rider has different requirements and goals. We work one on one with you, helping you set goals and develop a solid plan on how to get there.

Amazing Horse Country
Amazing Horse Country

Discover how to ensure consistent success with an athletic, proud horse that will try anything with you!

A Focus on Horsemanship

We integrate a sound knowledge of equine biomechanics, coupled with training that is based on developing positive leadership and communicating with your horse in his native language.

Our programs produce horses that are willing, free of stress and able to use their bodies to their full atheletic potential.

Where are we?

Our home ranch is in Aberta, Canada. However, we'll travel the world to bring our clinics to YOU! If you're interested in hosting a clinic, you can read more here or chat with us.

Amazing Horse Country