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Posture - The Practical Side

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Concentrating on our posture can cause stiffness and loss of focus. But if we use our posture as a tool to positively affect our horse's mind and body, not only do we sit properly, we enhance our connection with our horse. Discover how!

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There's No Such Thing as Stubborn

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A horse, like any other sentient animal, is capable of making a decision not to do something. The reason is never to annoy or anger you. In this show we'll explore what is truly going on in your horse's mind and how to move past it.

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No Whoa?

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Want a WHOA but get a GO? Sometimes we have a horse that doesn't want to stop. Why is that? Here's a hint: the reins are not really involved...intrigued? Check it out!

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A Day to Honour our Horses

At Amazing Horse Country, we’ve set aside January 22 as a day to honour our companions.

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The Power of Waiting

One of the greatest skills of an instructor or trainer is the ability to wait.

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Letting a Horse be a Horse

They say, “Let the horse be a horse.” But what else can they possibly be?

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