About Scott and AHC


Scott and Spud

Scott Phillips

"I was born and raised in a small village in Alberta.  My father operated a hardware, fertilizer and farm chemical business.  My mother was a pharmacist in several local communities.  

Growing up in an agricultural community instilled in me an appreciation of all life and a strong sense of community and family. I developed the belief that with a positive focus and conviction, together we can accomplish anything.

My career paths have been diverse, including professional engineering to corporate management to airline flying.  Those endeavours have been crucial in my life - allowing me to develop important skills that I rely on today: creativity, enthusiasm and creating positive experiences.  You'll find those in my clinics today.

I came to the realization that all my ventures had a connection: a love of life, a passion for horses, the outdoors and backcountry, and the desire to guide people to places they can shine in their achievements.

And thus, Amazing Horse Country was born.

My goals are:

  1. To develop the art of horsemanship by integrating knowledge of the horse into our growth as horse-people,

  2. To bring a greater awareness of the potential we can reach when we work with the horse's mind and body together - in all equine pursuits,

  3. To enhance and enrich our selfmanship: becoming dependable, accountable and trusted leaders through relations with our horses and ownership of ourselves,

  4. To inspire fun and excitement for riders and their equine partners through creative and challenging obstacles, games, trail riding, mutual encouragement and camaraderie, 

  5. To create a world for riders and horses, free of fear, overflowing with confidence, where everything is achievable."

The owner of Amazing Horse Country, Scott has a wide variety of experience in the horse industry including:

  • Backcountry and mountain riding and guiding,
  • Training horses and riders of all ages, disciplines and experience levels,
  • Starting colts and wild horses,
  • Operating the Canadian Cowboy Challenge Association and
  • Extensive training with well known industry leaders such as Josh Nichol and Dr. Deb Bennett.


Leona and Spud

Leona Tompkins

You many recognize Leona if you've corresponded with us via email.  Leona is Amazing Horse Country's Customer Support Manager.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Leona has extensive experience in the travel/tourism industry throughout Canada. Her diverse experience includes over 20 years as a figure skating coach. 

Leona currently resides in the Okanagan where she also works in the airline customer service industry.  She is an outdoor enthusiast that you can find participating in a half or full marathon somewhere in the world!

Leona has participated in AHC Clinics, and as you can see from the picture, she and Spud are best buddies.




What sets us apart?

The mission of Amazing Horse Country is:

  1. To offer a unique and supportive style of training for people and horses based on solid horsemanship principles;
  2. To pioneer a multi-faceted supportive learning environment including obstacles, games, group activities, equine biomechanics, trail riding and much more.
  3. To provide an ejoyable venue for all riders and horses, regardless of discipline, age or experience, WORLD-WIDE.

To that end, we currently offer a wide variety of clinics, training and lessons.  See our schedule for all the details.

There are many choices available when it comes to horse training.  Likely, there are also as many definitions for horsemanship as there are horses.  So what do we do that's different?  

Well...if you have trained with us before, you know the answer :)  Here's a few of our beliefs:

  • We recognise that every horse and rider is a unique combination of ability and experience, with individual needs, struggles and desires.  From novice to advanced riders, from colts to experienced competition horses, we're here to help you progress.  We have no levels and no prerequisites.
  • We firmly believe that your success as a rider, coach or trainer is based on the success you create.  Learning how to consistently achieve success for your horse or clients will put you a step ahead of the rest.
  • Learn the WHY, not just the HOW. Improving your horsemanship skill starts with learning about the horse: how he moves and how he's put together.  Our clinics feature biomechanics and anatomy components to connect the dots between your hands, seat and legs to what's actually going on with inside your horse. 
  • Every one of our clinics is structured around 1 on 1 time with you and Scott.  You and your horse are a team that is very important to us.  Scott is adept at focusing on specific skills and requirements.  The training you do with us is tailored to you.
  • Learning how a horse thinks and perceives his environment is fundamental to your relationship with horses...and part of Scott's expertise.  When we show a horse we can be a trusted leader and teach him how to handle pressure, we eliminate all  problems, issues, and our perception of misbehavior.
  • In a word: FUN!  Equine pursuits are meant to be enjoyable.  We cultivate an atmosphere of camaraderie, support and enjoyment of all things equine, regardless of discipline or experience.  The fun doesn't end on our obstacle course or trails. 
  •  Your training isn't finished at the end of the clinic.  We realize that it's impossible to learn everything in the few days you spend with us.  You can continue your learning: ask questions, participate in 2-way video training, take advantage of our videos and article library, and participate in training modules - all on our website! (some features to come in 2019)
  • It's important to us that you enjoy your time with us.  Clinics hosted at our ranch feature campfires and pot luck dinners.  You can camp right next to a 25'x35' private stall for your horse.  Our facility is perfect for a getaway weekend with friends, family and horses.




With your enthusiasm and passion for horses, the future is limitless! Amazing Horse Country continues to grow and evolve with fun and exciting events, clinics and training for you and your horses.  We're looking forward to sharing an AMAZING 2019 with you!  Next year you'll see some great new features on our trails with an increasing amount of automation from horse-operated games to laser-actuated obstacles!  Our online training, including live 2-way video and individual training modules will also be available. 

Scott's articles appear in several online and print magazines; you can read some of them here.