Host a Clinic!

​Hosting a clinic is a rewarding experience.  You'll be bringing like minded people together to learn, have fun and engage with their horses in a positive, progressive atmosphere. Depending on the clinic you choose to host, we have between 5 and 10 people allowing for a great deal of individual attention.  In fact, our Progressive Horsemanship clinics are 100% 1 on 1.

How To

Here is a quick guide on how to easily host a clinic.  If you have more questions, please contact us and we'll help you out.


Have a look at our website clinic page and have your calendar in front of you. Find some potential dates.  Clinics are 3 or 4 days in duration and can be run at any time of the week. 

For clinics hosted at the AHC Ranch (i.e. private group clinics)

  • Clinics are 4 days in duration with the exception of the Liberty 3 Day Clinic)
  • Clinics are generally run Thursday through Sunday
  • Disregard "locations" and "secure a venue" below.  



Scott is willing to travel anywhere - and we mean ANYWHERE!  For clinics out of driving distance, for example: another country, you'll be responsible for booking a return flight ticket for Scott.  In this case we won't be able to bring obstacles, however if you're interested in an Obstacle Course Clinic, we can provide a list of obstacles you can build easily and cheaply.  


Secure a Venue

You may be an arena manager or owner.  If so, great!  You already have a place to host the clinic.  If not, that's not a problem either.  Simply speak to the manager of the arena you ride at.  Likely, they'll be interested in hosting a clinic OR you can act as the host by renting the facility.

The venue must be large enough to accomodate 8 people, their horses and our obstacles (for an obstacle clinic).  For the Progressive Clinics, Scott works with one person at a time so less space would be required.  Our arena is 90x180 and we find that suitable - we've used smaller arenas equally well.

We require a classroom space suitable enough to for a projector, screen and chairs for all participants.


Costs and Payments


2022 Rate Schedule (valid for any clinics booked between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022):

Clinic Max People Cost

Trail Obstacle Course (3 day, off-ranch only *)

8 (up to 10 at an additional $335/person)


Trail Obstacle Course (4 day)

8 (up to 10 at an additional $430/person)


Progressive Horsemanship (3 day, off-ranch only *)



Progressive Horsemanship (4 day)



Liberty to Riding (3 day)



* off-ranch only: means this clinic is only available at facilities other than the AHC ranch. 

To that cost, add your expenses, for example: arena rental, food (if you're supplying any meals, coffee, water, etc.), stall rental, or anything else you need to charge for.

That will give you a total cost - divide that by the number of people you'll have in the clinic for a per person cost.

As an example only:

Trail Obstacle Clinic = $2670

Mileage = $150

Tax = $141.00

Total we charge = $2961.00

Expenses you incur = $250

Total Cost = $3211.00

Cost per person = $3211.00/ 8 = $401.38


We'll send you an invoice when the clinic is booked. That invoice will be updated when your deposit is received. Receipts for all payments will be issued. All invoices have our GST number on them.

In order for us to reserve the dates for you, we require an $800 deposit. The dates are tentative until the deposit is received.

Please present Scott a cheque for the balance upon his arrival if you have not paid for the full clinic already.


Obstacle Course Clinic

Organizing People

It's important that you receive a deposit from a person as soon as they book a spot.  We recommend a minimum $150 deposit.  Rule of Thumb: if a person has not paid or has an excuse not to, then they are not planning on attending.  Deposits should be received well in advance of the clinic start date, with final payments due at least 1 month ahead.  This gives you time to find another person if one cancels.  In any event, ensure that you have collected the deposit and balance PRIOR to the clinic start date.

For the Progressive Horsemanship Clinics, 5 people make the ideal group size.  These are 100% 1-on-1: Scott works with one person at a time.  A person can have up to 2 slots as long as they are not consecutive.

For the Trail Obstacle / Liberty to Riding Clinics, 8 people are the ideal group size (max 10 for the Obstacle and Trail).  

All clinic participants MUST attend each day. Although the itinerary is not rigid, the clinics are progressive in nature, that is, we start with basics and build up from there.  It is not possible to start the clinic over because someone missed the first day. 



In order to ensure the clinic is full, folks need to know about it.  Ensure you create a Facebook Event, distribute posters, send emails to your friends, boarders or arena users, or any other method you choose.  We'll supply a poster with clinic information in PDF format so you can print it and hang them in local tack stores, etc., post it online or email it.  We also adverstise for you via newsletter, our website and our Facebook account.



Depending on clinic type, season and location, Scott will stay in his trailer.  -20C is the cutoff for camping.

Outside driving distance and/or in extremely cold weather, you'll be responsible for providing accommodations for Scott.  A spare room is just fine.

If the clinic is outside reasonable driving distance, you can book a flight for Scott out of Edmonton or Calgary Alberta, to the airport of your choice.


Anything we missed? Let us know!


Looking forward to seeing you this fall, winter or next spring!

Scott and the AHC Team

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