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Shows are generally 1.5 hours long and feature demonstrations, graphics and animation, and interactive discussions with Scott.

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May 25 at 7PM Mountain Time


A common question...

In my clinics, I work with folks using a multitude of different bits, a variety of bitless bridles, hackamores and even halters.  Sometimes we use nothing - like in our Liberty to Riding Clinics.

Regardless of what gear we use on our horse's head, we desire one thing: that the horse follows us.  Then we can use our reins to assist and clarify.  So...what's the difference between all this head gear?  When to use what?

Let's explore!


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June 1 at 7PM Mountain Time


Part of our Trail Riding Series

This show touches on two different projects at Amazing Horse Country.  One is our Trail Riding Series.  This will be Zeus's first time on the trail - with humans, that is - and we're excited.  We'll look at steps we can take to get a new horse comfortable with the trail.

The second project is "Zeus - Life with a Wild Horse" and we'd like to continue that series with this show as well.  Zeus's age is likely around 17.  I've had him for 5 years now and in that time we've built a very unique relationship.  He has changed from being very guarded to very open and honest.  My journey with him has been a personal exploration of vulnerability and inner peace.  We share a lot of laughs together and now I'd like to take that relationship a step further in the riding.


...and join us for all of our shows!

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