The Question and Answer Section


I have more Questions!

That's great. We have more answers! If you have any questions regarding anything about the clinic, location, facilities or the instructors, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We'll get back to you within 24 hours or less.

This sounds great! How do I let everyone know about it?

That's easy. You can post a link to this page ( on your Facebook page or email it to people you think might be interested.

How do I Register?

Simply sign up for an Amazing Horse Country account, then when you're signed in, visit the schedule page and click on 'sign me up!'.  That's it!

Clinic Itineraries

When you register for a clinic you'll receive a link to a document with all the details for your clinic.  Clinics generally start at 8:30 on Day 1.

Is there a prerequisite for attending?

We welcome everyone from experienced riders with experienced horses, to people with colts, to people that have never worked with a horse before.  The only prerequisite is that you're open to learning something new and having a good time doing it.  The Trail Explorer course requires the Trail Obstacle Course as a prerequiste, other than that, no clinics have requirements.

Is this Family Friendly?

We encourage families to attend.  This is also a great opportunity for a family getaway weekend and, in fact, many families and groups book entire clinics for themselves.

Is this Western or English?

Both and neither.  All disciplines and breeds are welcome.

Is there a standard I am expected to meet at the end?

No. The goal is to learn and to take away some new tools to put in your horsemanship toolbox.  Your standard is one that you set yourself.  You will find yourself exploring areas of learning with your horse that you may not have realized existed.  What you take away will be unique to you.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare or practice beforehand?

You do not have to get your horse ready for one of our clinics.  We'd prefer that you didn't, so that we can work on the things you and your horse need, in our style of horsemanship.  So put gas (or diesel) in your truck, put your horse in the trailer and come on over.

I have no plans to compete in a Cowboy Challenge or other Trail Class event.  What value is this to me?

Skills such as communicating with your horse, developing a soft feel and showing your horse how to release, balance and use their body effectively apply to all disciplines, all events, and all riding scenarios.  This is about improving and developing your horsemanship.  The obstacles and trails are a great way to expose areas you and your horse need to work on, work on them, and above all, build a relationship and have fun with your horse. 

I don't have a horse!

Opportunities are generally available to partner up with one of the ranch horses.

What about the facility?

The Amazing Horse Country Ranch is located northwest of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, adjacent to the Crimson Lake Provincial Park.  Rocky Mountain House is the nearest town and boasts every amenity.

We have over 100ac of forest surrounded by crown land, so we have trails to explore.  Our outdoor arena, campground and future facilities are contained within a high game fence - if a horse get's loose, they can't get far.

Free camping and horse stalls are available for those participating in clinics.  We do not (yet) have RV hookups. Internet is available as are plug ins to charge your devices.  

Options for staying overnight if you don't have an RV are our guest rooms, our cabin, or motel/hotel in Rocky.

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