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An energetic and experienced facilitator, Scott conducts presentations on his unique style of horsemanship, leadership and selfmanship.

Horse Associations and Riding Clubs

Relational horsemanship is a style that applies to every horse, every rider, every age and every discipline. Learn how to create success as you inspire connection with your horse.  Scott's presentations are engaging, enjoyable and down to earth.  Using a presentation featuring videos, graphics and discussion, Scott entertains, educates and informs as he shares his knowledge of how the horse's mind and body work and how to put that knowledge to immediate practical use.

Corporate groups and Leadership Development

Success with horses is based on positive leadership.  That leadership is based on meeting the needs of the horse, communicating clearly and being honest.  These positive leadership qualities are critical when working with people, too.  As leaders, it's important that those in our team are inspired to be there; that they know their thoughts and feedback matter to you.  All of us have the qualities to excel as leaders.  Develop your selfmanship: the important qualities of self awareness and confidence in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere.


I learned more about my horse (and myself) in the past weekend than I have in the years that I have owned her.   - Cher

If horsemanship is about communication... then it helps when the one teaching this is a good communicator. Scott is a GREAT communicator, able to teach in a very easy and accessible way, the physiological and emotional responses of a horse—and the proper way to engage and answer those responses. - Mark

You have made a positive and memorable impact on our lives and we appreciate your desire to share your knowledge. We will definitely be back for some more learning and fun! - Patty

Just want to send you a heart felt “thank you” for all the guidance, challenges, patience, confidence and insight you provided to our group. We're excited to continue our journey! - Cindy

The equine industry is filled with myths and opinions.  Scott provides factual, demonstrable knowledge that you can put to practice right away. After a lifetime of owning horses, they now makes sense to me. - Ken

scott phillips horsemanship
scott phillips horsemanship

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